Cracking The Code For Tiny Houses

Cracking The Code For Tiny Houses

Guide to building codes & zoning for tiny houses

  • Learn to navigate all the red tape
  • Learn several pathways to building your home legally
  • Make sense of complex building codes
  • Learn about RVIA, ADU and more
  • Section Q – the brand new tiny house code
  • Avoid headaches in the permitting process
  • 54 page ebook

Note: this is an electronic book, not a physical book.


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About This Book

Navigate All The Red Tape Without The Headache

Understand The Basics

Building codes and zoning laws are complex, understanding the basics set you up for success when it comes to making your own tiny house legal. This guide helps you understand your local codes.

Dispelling Common Misconceptions

Have you heard that if you build a tiny house on a trailer or call it a RV, you don’t need a permit?  We get into why that couldn’t be more wrong and how you can avoid making the biggest mistake most tiny houses make. 

How To Speak An Inspector’s Language

The biggest part about navigating building codes and zoning is all about the words you use.  Certain key phrases have vastly different meanings and using the right one with an inspector can put you on the right path.

Fly Under The Radar, If You Want To

Many people opt to fly under the radar, this ebook looks at both going a legal route and other alternatives.  Learn from those who’ve actually done it.