Shockingly Simple Electrical

Shockingly Simple Electrical


This guide walks you through everything you need to know about wiring your tiny house. We start with the basic principle, different components, how to wire panels, boxes, outlets, lights and more. It shows you how to design and size your electrical system for a tiny house including on the grid and off the grid options. The book has 80 pages of content including detailed diagrams and real life photos of wiring done in tiny houses. Please note this is an electronic item, not a physical item we mail you.

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About This Book

We start with the very basics and build from there.  This book is designed for the beginner and written specifically about tiny houses.  In this book we will show you how to:

Understand The Why

We give you the basic theory to understand how to design an electrical system perfect for your tiny house.  We go beyond simple instructions and delve into the why behind each choice.  We start at the very beginning and explain everything in easy to understand terms.

Step By Step

Once you’ve design your perfect setup, we’ll show you how to install each component piece by piece.  We will cover the exact type of wire to use, how to wire it to your breaker panel and connect to outlets and lights; showing you step by step along the way.

Safety Focused

We give in depth instructions on every part, showing where you can go wrong and making recommendations to keep your wiring safe.

Tiny House Focused

There are a lot of electrical guides out there, but this is the only one that speaks to tiny houses specifically.   There are some things about a tiny house that a unique, we explain how a tiny house is different and everything you need to consider along the way.