Planning Your Tiny House

Planning Your Tiny House


Design your perfect tiny house with this in-depth planning guide.  This step by step guide shows you how to determine your needs, develop a successful design and refine it to perfection.  Included is our floor plan kit which has windows, doors, appliances, furniture and much more for you arrange into your dream home. Please note this is an electronic item, not a physical item we mail you.

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About This Guide

This is guide to help you design the perfect tiny house or small home.  After teaching people for years on how to design and build their dream home, I’ve learned what makes makes a great design, areas people make common mistakes and how to make a house a home.  Included in this is 35 pages of how to design your dream home, a printable floor plan kit,  and helpful resources.

Step By Step Guidance

This is a step by step guide to determine what design is right for you, avoid common mistakes and make tough decisions simple.  This ebook shows you how to figure out what needs to be in your house and more importantly, what shouldn’t take up precious space.  It includes exercises to determine your needs, worksheets to develop a plan and resources with critical information you need to make decisions.

Simple Cut And Paste

Included with this is our floor plan kit.   This kit let’s you quickly test out a variety of floor plan options before you get building.  This is great for people who are trying to narrow down their design.  This is a digital file that you download and print on your home printer.

Avoiding Common Mistakes Saves Thousands

After helping so many people design their own tiny house I’ve learned a few things.  The truth is, tiny houses are too small of a space to not get perfect.  Every detail matters and its best to start with a great design than try to fix problems later.  This guide distills my years of learning into a easy to follow steps so you can design the house right for you.

Everything To Scale

The entire kit is set to all the same scale, meaning you can mix and match elements without worry.  This gives lets you see what will work and what won’t work with the space you have.  Includes floor plan sizes for a 8′ x 18′ house, 8′ x 20′ house, 8′ x 24′ house, 10′ x 24′ house, 10′ x 30′ house, 16′ x 20′ house, and a 20′ x 20′ house.  All to scale with the elements included.