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    Tracy Stevenson

    Name: Tracy & Peter Stevenson
    Location: New Mexico
    Building timeline: We’ve started… but need to get it closed in before winter hits
    Describe Your dream house: small, sustainable, lots of natural light, built into a permaculture environment
    My superpower is: Eternal optimist!!!
    My biggest question: How do we find our niche in the tiny house movement?


    Amber Roberson

    Name: Amber Roberson
    Location: Brewton, Alabama
    Building timeline: Once my custom trailer is ready, I expect to spend around a year building.
    Describe Your dream house: I love the idea of a vintage, cottage style house. I almost want to feel like when I enter, I’m stepping back in time.
    My superpower is: I’m an artist by trade, so I’d say my creativity and imagination is my super power!
    My biggest question: How to keep it small, but have enough private space for me and two girls?



    Name: Carla & Samantha(my daughter) Giese
    Location:New Mexico
    Building timeline: We were supposed to be done my Aug 1st! But we are far from finished. I will be happy if we have it livable by Oct 1.
    Describe Your dream house: A finished one lol.
    My superpower is: planning big crazy projects and jumping In with both feet
    Sam: Ninja
    My biggest question: How big of a truck do I need to pull my tiny to it’s permanent location?

    (BTW sorry I missed the meeting today, my boss kept me at work late.



    Just a bump 🙂



    Name:Tracy Miller
    Location: Seattle-ish
    Building timeline:My shell+ is due to arrive from Colorado on April 1st.
    Describe Your dream house:Paid for
    My superpower is:Dream big, dive in with both feet,trust every thing will work out and then make it happen.
    My biggest question: Where to eventually, safely,legally park.


    Name: Daniel Singer
    Location: Enfield CT, US
    Building timeline: Plan to start soon
    Describe my dream house: I can’t describe it until I design it – but I can tell you how you’ll feel when you visit: amazed at how efficient and comfortable and open-feeling it is given the size; you will feel instantly at home and cozy; you will marvel at all the functionality that is accommodated without any feeling of clutter; and you will immediately recognize the entire thing as deeply reflective of my personality.
    My superpower is: Nearly perfect timing.
    My biggest questions: (1) how to appease building code enforcers (2) finding a place to park a THOW on my own property without upsetting local officials or neighbors.



    Name: Josh Lowenthal
    Location: NY, NY
    Building timeline: I’m not at the building stage yet.
    Describe Your dream house: My dream house will be off-grid. Probably on wheels. I’d like a smart home, that runs efficiently, but still feels cozy. The decor will be rustic/modern.
    My superpower is: Honesty
    My biggest question: Will I ever get there?



    Name: Marian Clennon
    Location: Austin, MN
    Building timeline: 3 years
    Describe Your dream house: Small on a piece of property next to a creek or a small lake in the middle of no where. Completely off grid
    My superpower is: Hope and a dream
    My biggest question: How can I retire sooner to enjoy my new life.



    Name:Lucy Yoder
    Location:Tampa, FL
    Building timeline: May 2017
    Describe Your dream house: Neat, compact, lovely, cozy, and peaceful.
    My superpower is: My creativity and sense of humor
    My biggest question: How on Earth am I going to downsize all of this stuff?!



    Name: Jennifer
    Location: Northeast Florida
    Building timeline: unsure
    Describe Your dream house: 200 sq ft on wheels, nice cooking area, reading nook
    My superpower is: perseverance
    My biggest question: Codes. I own a small RV park and want to add a tiny house to the property



    Name: Chris
    Location: Maize, KS
    Building timeline: 4 months
    Describe Your dream house: I would love a very simple structure with lots of glass and minimal furnishings. I am currently renovating a 93 Allegro Bay motorhome into a tiny house. My son is helping me. The motorhome has been gutted and re-roofed. The interior is empty except for the driver’s seat. We will see.
    My superpower is: Determination to make it through current stressor so that I am free to live my life as I hope it can be.
    My biggest question: Is it possible to make the motorhome into a tiny house that will work:

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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