Clear The Clutter Decluttering Course

Clear The Clutter Decluttering Course

Break the endless cycle of clutter for good!

  • Declutter your entire home quickly
  • Stop the influx of stuff into your home
  • Learn simple techniques to get rid of stuff
  • Build habits to keep your house tidy and clean
  • Overcome hangups with sentimental items, gifts etc.
  • 16-video course + workbook


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Say Goodbye To Clutter!

Learn How To Declutter Easily

Clutter is getting in the way, I’ll show you how to declutter your home from top to bottom, quickly and easily. Never feel the stress and chaos of a messy home again.

Make Your Decluttering Stick

You’ve probably tried to declutter before, spending days tidying up, but it never lasted.  Learn solid strategies to make sure your clutter stays gone for good!

Stop New Stuff From Coming In

What good is decluttering if more clutter is still coming into your home?  Not only will I show you how to declutter, but I’ll show you how to prevent new clutter from entering your home in the first place.

Keep Your House Organized And Tidy

I’ll show you the skills to make sure everything will have a place and everything will be in it’s place. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a clean, organized and tidy home that you can come home and relax in, not clean up.

16 Videos Packed With Value

The course includes a 16-video course where I teach you the techniques you need to know. I help you develop the habits to make clutter disappear for good.

Guided Workbook

Included with your course is a guided workbook that gives you several exercises to bring it all together and make sure you’re successful.

My own journey started out in a typical home full of things. So I understand where you’re at right now, because I’ve been there too.After helping thousands of people declutter and downsize over the years, I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Clear the Clutter Course

Full course with lifetime access
16 individual video lessons
Course workbook


Who is this course right for?

Anyone who wants to declutter their whole house. I designed it to help people tackle their house in its entirety. This isn’t for someone who wants to slowly declutter, this is designed to be a huge blitz to get decluttered.

What if I have a reluctant spouse or kids?

I give some advice to those with kids and reluctant spouses, but my best advice is to use the skills in this course to lead by example. I’ve found that you can’t force people into it, you need to get there on your own. By decluttering your areas and the parts you can, you show the benefits to other and gradually they’ll come over.

I love my _______ so much, I can’t get rid of it!

Then don’t! In the course, I teach you how to approach decluttering in a way that’s right for you. Decluttering isn’t about having nothing, it’s about having a healthy relationship with the things you have. I’ll show you how to determine if you’re holding onto things for the wrong reason or if how to know when something should stay in your life. We get into lots of ways on how to approach things like this.

What if I hate the course?

I want to be sure that everyone gives the course a chance, so if you watch all the lessons, complete the exercises in the workbook and have your first big purge and you find it doesn’t work for your, no problem. I’ll give a full refund. Just send me a copy of your workbook and before and after photos within 30 days and I’ll issue the refund within 5 business days.

I’ve tried before, how will this be any different?

What most people fail to do when they declutter is to not build good habits, stop bad ones which let clutter creep back in and neglect to shift how they think about clutter in their homes. I do all that and more in this course. Additionally, because I’ve helped so many other people do this exact process, I know where most people get caught up and can help you before it happens, setting you up for success.

Clear the Clutter Course

Full course with lifetime access
16 individual video lessons
Course workbook